“Whenever I marvel at the energizing harmony I see in all aspects of nature, I become conscious of it as a whole which is expressed in my abstract art. It seems as if I am creating an imaginary Universe where the organic world blends with fantasy, but my paintings are also a reflection of how I become sensitive to what is usually concealed by our rational and always rationalizing mind and reality. On a multidimensional level, I translate my visions into compositions of soft fluid forms and chromatic mixtures of colors and layers of translucent glazes.

My paintings, structured within a context of light and harmonious colors, become interplays of weightlessness, transparency, high contrast, and mysterious, multi-layered and carefully elaborated details. I am not showing the ordinary reality here, how we take in the world through our day-to-day consciousness, but how I perceive it with all of my senses on an ethereal level.


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