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“My Dream World Series reflects the vivid and rich experiences produced during altered states of my consciousness which allows me to see beyond ordinary realities.
Relying on 30+ years experience of practicing meditation I am able to enter a trance-like state rather quickly.
Whenever I start to paint in such diverse mindset it´s only a matter of minutes till I feel the presence of my soul, my true inner self. The canvas, the tools, the room, the environment,… completely fade away and the overwhelming feeling of freedom and cosmic unity sets in… all I perceive then is an image in front of me which fluently changes its shape and color, it´s as if the image is melting with my inner world and soul, breathing the same essence of a dream.
My Dream World Series invites the viewer to experience a deeper connection with her inner self and to uncover hidden aspects of the soul.” – Leah Angelo
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