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Leah Angelo is an international contemporary abstract artist originally from Vienna, Austria who has exhibited in Europe, North America SE-Asia and Australia. Her abstract works have been highly sought after by private collectors ranging from Emmy winners in Hollywood to corporate art collectors throughout the world. Her art has also gained her a highly notable Cultural Promotion Award in Austria along with commissioned works by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Art.

Leah Angelo´s work has been strongly influenced by her extensive global travels through Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, SE-Asia, India, and certainly by her often changing residences like Florida, California, Honolulu and Maui (Hawaii), Vancouver BC, Vancouver Island, Scotland, England and Spain.

The acclaimed painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser first discovered Leah Angelo’s talent by accident and this played a significant influential role in Leah Angelo’s early artistic development. Privileged to attend Hundertwasser´s master class at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (today: University of Applied Arts Vienna) as a student, Leah Angelo was able to reach a new understanding of organic shapes, their imminent unpredictability and free-flowing appearance.  The close examination and discussions relating to organic forms and their multitude of manifestations in art and nature also laid the foundation of Leah Angelo’s characteristic style and philosophy. Today the artist coherently uses the phenomenon of transparency, fluctuation and modulation (in reference to form and color) and consciously allows room for imminent movement of all artistic media applied in order to create a somewhat subliminal but truly genuine effect of colored undulation in her work.

1997 Leah Angelo emigrated to the USA (later Canada) where she lived and painted for almost two decades. North America offered vital opportunities such as new exhibitions as well as her acquaintance with Mike Kelley and Robert Rauschenberg – from 1998 onward, both figures had been a significant influence for her later period as a visual artist.



EXHIBITIONS / SHOWS (selection):

2020 Otto Wagner Pavillion, Vienna
2019   Five Plus Art Gallery, Vienna
20019 WIFI Vienna
20019 Viva Art Gallery, Vienna
2019   ART of LIFE, Vienna
2018 Five Plus Art Gallery, Vienna
2018 Russian Culture Institute, Vienna
2018 Art Fair Ulm, Germany
2018 Charity Licht ins Dunkel
2018 Grand Bohemian Gallery, FL USA2017
Five Plus Art Gallery, Vienna
2017  Gallery Sonia Monti,  Paris
2017 Galeria Pedrinelli, Porto Cervo, Italy
2017 Ringstrassen Gallery,  Kunstraum Vienna,  Austria (GE)
2017  Gallery Palais Palffy, Vienna, Austria (GE)
2017 Grand Bohemian Gallery, FL USA
2016 Grand Bohemian Gallery, FL USA
2013 -2015 Granville Island Gallery, Vancouver BC (GE)
2012 Estepona,  “Mirrored Poolscapes and Emotional Tides” (SE)
2011 – 2015 Art Bayshore, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island BC (SE)
2011 Art Los Angeles Contemporary (GE)
2009 Gallery Sorance, Victoria, Canada (SE)
2009 Artevo Gallery, Calgary, Canada, (GE)
2008 Gallery Sorance, Victoria, Canada (GE)
2007 Granville Island Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2005 Galleria Sekanina Arte Contemporanea, Ferrara, Italy (GE)
2005 Salon D’Automne Grand Palais, Paris, France (GE)
2004 Wagdas Gallery, London, UK (GE)
2003 Castello di Pastine, Tuscany, Italy (SE)
2003 Sika Contemporary Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali (GE)
2002 Queen Emma Gallery, Honolulu, HI, USA (SE)
2001 Hawaii Loa College Gallery, Honolulu, HI (GE)
2001 Queen Emma Gallery, Honolulu, HI, USA (SE)
2000 Patrizia Autore Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (GE)
2000 Civic Center Calabasas, LA, USA (SE)
2000 T&SC, Calabasas, LA, USA (SE)
1999 Queen Emma Gallery, Honolulu, HI, USA (GE)
1999 Chamber of Commerce, Calabasas, LA, USA (SE)
1999 Gallery at the Colony Surf Hotel, Honolulu, HI, USA (GE)
1999 Patrizia Autore Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (GE)
1999 The Artery Gallery Univ. of Western Sydney, AUS (GE)
1998 Neka Museum Ubud, Bali, Indonesia (GE)
1998 Galerie Strub, Geneve, Switzerland (GE)
1998 Zerilli-Marimo Gallery, NYC, USA (GE)
1998 Gallery Bonivard, Geneve, Switzerland (SE)
1998 Gallery Karrer, Zuerich, Switzerland (GE)
1998 Kultur Verein Alte Schmiede, Wien, Austria (SE)
1997 Galeria Rosa Ventosa, Barcelona, Spain (GE)
1997 ARCO Arts Festival Madrid, Spain (GE)
1997 Palazzo Besso, Rome, Italy (SE)
1997 Sotto Sopra Gallery, Venice, Italy (GE)
1997 Palazzo Pemma Gallery, Venice, Italy (GE)
1996 ELAK-Institute Vienna, Austria (SE)
1996 Literarisches Quartier Vienna, Austria (SE)
1996 Kultur Verein Alte Schmiede Vienna, Austria (SE)
1996 Castle Plankenstein, Austria (SE)
1996 Palais Auersperg, Vienna, Austria (SE)



“Leah Angelo possesses a unique ability to sense, interconnect, and communicate diverse realms of existence through her art. Her abstractions are inspired by wonders of nature as well as by dreams and multidimensional levels of awareness. The resulting compositions embody harmonious confluences of mind, body, and spirit, representations of universal love and reverence for all, and of the divine essence that exist both within and around us.”

Alan Bamberger, Art critic, San Francisco



“What sets me apart from others is my special skill to create a harmonious, seemingly naturalistic image by using a purely abstract technique which exclusively follows irrepressible principles.
Over all the years l created and perfected my very own technique which became my signature giving my paintings (acrylics on canvas) the unique effect of ethereal translucent glazes and of multi-dimensionality.
My exclusive abstract paintings instead are an ethereal expression of how I see the world at a non-ordinary level of perception.”

Leah Angelo, artist statement, 2016



Recommendation/critic on linkedin by

ARTE Collezionismo Francesco Chetta editore (editore e critico dárte presso effeci edizioni) Lodi, Italy

ARTE Collezionismo Francesco Chetta editore editore e critico d'arte presso effeci edizioni Lodi Area, ItalyPerforming Arts

“Chromatism that dazzles the vision. In the works: “Movement” and “Sea life”, Leah has achieved the right balance, the synthesis of expression, this I believe is only possible with great application and study, especially with love for the art”

Francesco Chetta editore
March 15, 2016, ARTE Collezionismo worked with Leah at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
(University of Applied Arts Vienna)



“Leah Angelo´s ethereal body of work often speaks a gleaming and universal language that understands to transmit harmony and a sense of inner peace aiming for equilibrium… which accomplishes to cross cultural borders at ease,… which also seems to overcome our world of polarity that we usually call “sine qua non”.
Leah Angelo´s work undeniably is an artistic highlight in the increasingly diverse and international nature of the evolving art community in our time!”

Colin Maxwell, Art Influencer, 2016



– Leah Angelo´s Powerful Visual Invitation to Awaken!

… Leah Angelo distinctly and visibly steers Modern Contemporary Art into new territory when she allows her expertise as a hypnotherapist to influence the meticulous creation of translucent landscapes and phantasmagorical, chromatic journeys that irresistibly lead us spectators to inner reflections and to the incredible discovery of our hidden Soul! – a smooth, comfortable but utmost invaluable experience!
Stating the obvious at last: An incredibly brave venture and brilliant sleigh of hand, full of revelation, personal insight and unforgettable bliss! – my personal thanks to the artist Leah Angelo!

Chris Heindl, Art critic, editorial journalist, Vienna, 2016
(critique translated from German into English)





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