“In addition to solely abstract artwork, I also purposely create harmonious, seemingly naturalistic paintings by using a purely abstract technique (Ocean and Wonder World series), which exclusively follow irrepressible principles. Over the years, l have developed and perfected this technique, which has become my signature. This is what provides my paintings (acrylics on canvas) with the unique effect of ethereal translucent glazes and multi-dimensionality.

My exclusive abstract paintings on the other hand (Dream World, Impressions, and Ethereal Reflections series), are an expression of how I perceive the world due to my psychological background and work with the subconscious mind. My art invites the viewer to experience non-ordinary worlds harmoniously balanced in weightless space, leading into deeper spheres of awareness and into the infinity of life and the universe.

Creating art is not about me, the artist, when I paint the Ego disappears completely… for me it is about observing, letting divine inspiration pass through me, and going with the flow!” – Leah Angelo




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